How to uninstall AVG antivirus using AVG Removal tool and AVG Clear?

After updating the latest version of AVG antivirus that you have downloaded via on your system, sometimes it directly goes to trial mode or shows license is invalid. In that case, you may resolve both the issues by uninstalling AVG antivirus with the old and new AVG removal tools and AVG Clear and then reinstalling it.

AVG Antivirus

Steps to download AVG Removal Tool to remove all the residual files:

  • Save and Exit all the ongoing running files
  • Download the AVG Remover Tool
  • After downloading the file , select Continue to agree license agreement
  • AVG Remover scans all the AVG products on your PC
  • Now, choose the products you want to uninstall and then choose “Remove”
  • In case AVG Remover does not find any file then Select “Run Anyway” in order to remove the residual files
  • Restart the PC to fully remove AVG files and setup from your PC
  • Select “Run” to finish the uninstallation process, if a dialogue box appears with “Open File –Security Warning” on your screen
  • Again restart your PC if prompted

Steps to download AVG Clear and uninstall the latest version of the AVG product:

  • Save and Exit all the ongoing running files
  • Download the “AVG Clear”
  • Select “No” If it prompts you to “Restart Windows in Safe Mode” on your PC
  • Follow all the instructions given on the screen, “Check” the box to Uninstall Zen and Framework
  • Click “Uninstall”
  • Now, restart the PC to uninstall

Uninstallation process has been completed successfully; now the latest version should be installed and activated on your PC.

For more information on how to uninstall AVG using removal tools and you can again install it by using, you can call the customer care number. They will help you with best possible way.

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