How to Tune Up your PC Performance with AVG?

No one can deny from the fact that AVG is one of the leading security services and solutions providers. AVG antivirus solutions ensure complete protection of your Windows, Mac and mobile devices from all types of online threats, including the most dangerous one, Ransomware. It prevents the unauthorized users to access your data and misuse it for stealing your confidential information. Not only the protection, AVG antivirus and other internet security software also ensure that your PC performance should not get affected after installation or during scanning.

In other words, you can do all your tasks smoothly, while AVG is running in the background for your PC protection. AVG antivirus never affects the performance of your device; but, there are other factors that may cause your PC or other device work slower than before. These factors include the operating system and the software you are using might be eating more of the disk space than they should consume. To cope with the situation, all you need to get is AVG TuneUp, which speeds up, cleans up and fixes all performance related issues with your computer system.

To troubleshoot this issue, follow the below mentioned steps:

1. Download AVG TuneUp

• Visit the AVG antivirus website
• Search for AVG TuneUp from the list of the products
• Click the product and then initiate the download process by clicking “Download Now” button
• Once the process finishes, simply go for its installation by clicking over the downloaded setup
• Now, the PC TuneUp from AVG will launched on your device
• Skip the scan and access the main dashboard
• Now, click on Free Up Space tab

2. Scanning

It’s true that most of the programs we use or download from the internet automatically store some temporary files on our devices. These temporary files along with the junk files may lurk at a place you have no idea about. Being one of the efficient performance boosters, AVG TuneUp not only finds such files, but also clears them up from your device without any hassle.

For this, it performs mere a single scan on your device. To enable it, open the AVG TuneUp interface, click on System Cache and Logs and then click on Show to view all the unwanted files. Once it scans, click Clean button to remove those files and free up the space as well as memory on your device. Once you click Clean, AVG Disk Cleaner comes into action and removes the clutter from more than 200 programs and Windows in a single go. It fixes the following:

 Cache Memory
 Thumbnails
 Temporary system files
 Old backups
 Installer files
 Log files
 Window error reports
 Any file left after you uninstall a software
 Memory dump
 Lost clusters
 Recently used files

3. Boosting up the browsers performance

While you browse any website on any of the web browsers, there are certain files that run continuously in the background and may get stored on your device. These files are untraceable by the browser; but, AVG TuneUp goes through every file and removes instantly from your device to boost its performance. To help this AVG tool perform this cleaning action, click Browser Data and check out every file. Delete what you feel unwanted by clicking over Clean button.

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Your PC is ready to run faster like new!!!

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