How can I manage sensitive with AVG Data shield?

With an essential need of data protection, AVG data shield offers its users to manage the security of their documents are stored in the device. When you turn on the security features, the antivirus software helps you to improve your device’s performance and increase its potential life by optimizing all the running tasks. Other than that, it enables you to apply the lock on files and documents that you want to keep away from the access of any other. In order to avail such services, it is mandatory to have a subscription of AVG internet security or the related product.

AVG Data shield

To get the product, you need to visit and enter your product key. In case you are a new user, log in to your AVG account and activate your subscription. Further, to manage sensitive data settings, do the following.

Learn to manage sensitive data with AVG Shield settings:

  1. Launch your AVG sensitive data shield and go to Settings in the bottom-left corner
  2. Go to Protected Docs
  3. Do the following steps accordingly:
  4. Enable Sensitive Data Shield by clicking on the green slider to activate the protection measures
  5. Check and verify who has the administration to access your documents: When the settings are not changed and is set to default, the access to your documents are prohibited to users logged in to other Windows accounts. In case you want to disable this option, unmark to restrict the access to the current Windows account. It is recommended to keep this option enabled at all times
  6. Check and verify the record of applications that are blocked or allowed to access your sensitive documents. When you go down on the same page sensitive data shield window, you will find this option. You will have a suggestion of app that you need to block after the antivirus completes its monitoring activity. You will see a detection dialog that allows you to choose what list a detected application should be added to
  7. Once you complete the listing process, close the window and end the process

You have successfully protected the sensitive data stored in your device by turning on the data shield. In case you fail to make any step, go to, enter your AVG product key in the field and check whether the product is activated or not. Also, update the product to have an active security layer on your data.

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