How do I fix the error occurring while installing AVG internet Security?

To get started with security software, some system specifications are mandatory to meet in order to use the software without any error. The same goes with AVG internet security. If you do not follow the requirements, you will encounter AVG installation errors.

AVG Internet Security

If you experience any installation issues with AVG internet security on your computer, check if your system meets the requirements to be compatible with AVG security. To know other details and avoid AVG installation issue, it mandatory to have your product activated from If the problem persists even after downloading the activated version, move ahead with the following information. You give a try to fix the problem by performing these troubleshooting actions, you can if the issue.

Fix the error occurred while installing AVG internet Security

  • Make sure that your computer meets the minimum system requirements for compatibility and your operating system is up to date.
  • Check that the downloaded setup file is not corrupted. Remove the files and go to and reinstall it manually
  • If the issue is not fixed, remove all the files from your computer and install AVG again as recommended by the executive
  • Uninstall all your previous version of AVG antivirus and if there is any other security software installed, make sure to uninstall it from your PC
  • Now, install the subscribed version of AVG antivirus and activate it using the product key
  • Allow the requested permissions and restart the computer

Check whether the software is working or not by launching it on the screen. If the problem persists and the software does not respond to any action, make sure the product is subscription is still valid. Else, go to and enter the details to activate or renew your subscription. You can also use the same credentials to protect your mobile device.

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