Facing problem while using AVG PC TuneUp? Check the solution!!

AVG TuneUp is used for cleaning the computers in a complete sophisticated way. It boosts the PC’s speed and gives a new life to the computers. Moreover, your outdated antivirus software will no longer be outdated, as it gives you the notifications time- to- time.


While using AVG PC TuneUP, you may come across with the minor performance issue that can cause due to the corrupt installed file. You can uninstall it and again reinstall by using this link avg.com/retail. If the issue still persists, check out all these steps:

Scan your computer-

Viruses sometimes can resist your PC TuneUP from performing the task, so make sure to scan your computer before running AVG PC TuneUP

Fix your AVG PC TuneUP installation-

It sometimes happens due to the improper or corrupt files installation. You can follow all these given below steps to fix the program. If the error still occurs, then fix/repair your main AVG antivirus

  • Go to the Control Panel
  • Select “Programs and Features”
  • In the list of programs, right-click “AVG PC TuneUp”
  • Select Repair
  • Now, go after all the instructions given on the screen
  • Reboot your computer

Reinstall AVG PC TuneUP-

  • If the error still occurs after fixing/repairing AVG PC TuneUp, reinstall the AVG PC TuneUP
  • Go to the ”Control Panel
  • Select “Programs and Features”
  • Select your product, right-click and select “Uninstall”
  • Now, go after all the instructions given on the screen
  • Again install AVG PC TuneUp
  • Go to this link www.avg.com/retail
  • “Download”
  • Locate the downloaded setup
  • Double-click on the setup
  • In User Account Control, click “Yes”
  • Wait for the downloading process is not completed
  • Reboot your computer if you are prompted

In case you have any concerns with the above- given points, you can call the customer care number and they will gladly to assist you.

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