Enable/Disable the Charging Screen of AVG Antivirus for Android?

The Optimization of Android devices is one of the most important processes as this process allows the users to attain the maximum desired factors to execute the device with its best efficiency. By executing the optimization over the Android devices, the applications running in the background leaves the resources like RAM consumed by them. In order to offer some ease to the users, the antivirus provider like AVG has included the feature of Charging Screen to its product i.e. AVG activate Antivirus for Android.

By enabling the feature of Charging Screen of AVG Activate Antivirus for Android, the charging process will be displayed over the screen along with the percentage of battery charge. Apart from this, the feature will perform the optimization of the device by stopping the entire tasks running at the background.

For proper utilization of functions of the AVG Antivirus for Android on the device, the users need to perform the AVG Retail Registration.  Thus, the steps to enable the charging screen of the AVG Antivirus for Android have been detailed in the below information.

Steps for Enabling the Charging Screen are as follows:

  1. Firstly, launch the AVG Antivirus for Android application on the device.
  2. Now, tap the “stack overflow” icon i.e. the Menu icon displayed at the leftmost corner of the application of AVG Activate.
  3. And then, tap the “Settings” menu from the left fragment.
  4. After this, move to the “Charging Screen” section.

(Important Note: If the users are unable to locate the feature of Charging Screen on their AVG Activate for Android the, they may refer the Contact us section at the link: avg.com/retail.)

  1. Now, move the slider towards right to enable the Charging screen feature of the AVG Activate.

Sometimes, the enabled charging screen features creates the problems for the users to perform some urgent tasks at the background. Thus, the users may disable the charging screen feature of the AVG Activate by following the below mentioned steps:

  1. Open the mobile application of the AVG Activate
  2. And then, follow the path as shown below:

Stack overflow icon >> Settings >> Charging Screen

  1. After this, move the Charging Screen slider towards left for making it “Disable”.
  2. Now, the users may carry on the higher priority tasks at background.
  3. Once the task gets completed, enable the charging screen feature again as it would make the performance of device much better than before, by optimizing the Android device.

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