How do I enable app locking feature in AVG Antivirus for Android?

AVG, the most popular antivirus and security services provider, is known for delivering end-to-end protection to the Windows and Mac devices. The company also designs specific security solutions to protect the network that connects these devices. That’s because your device may still be vulnerable to the viruses, spyware, and other online threats if it is connected to a network that is infected.

avg antivirus for android

The well-known brand also offers AVG Antivirus for Android that comes up with a default feature named App locking. With this feature, you can ensure complete protection of your sensitive applications by using a PIN, fingerprint or pattern. To set a new PIN or to change the previously created one, follow these instructions:

  •       Open AVG Antivirus for Android
  •       Visit Settings section
  •       Choose PIN & pattern
  •       Change PIN

App locking feature needs a user to enable the Usage Access permission available under security settings of your device. If you don’t find any of the desired permission in this section, then connect to the AVG support team for help. To enable the app lock feature in the AVG Antivirus for Android, follow these instructions:

In the AVG Antivirus for Android, tap the menu icon. You can find this icon (three horizontal parallel lines) in the top left corner of the antivirus interface

Choose App Locking

Now, tap Set up on the panel available at the bottom of the screen

Complete all the required actions displayed on the screen by tapping them in a sequence

Follow the instructions displayed on the screen

Please note that these steps may differ according to the Android system version and device model. In such case, call the AVG support number and get instructions from an expert

After you perform all the actions, you can see a green confirmation icon in front of those actions

Now, hit the Activate App Locking button

Tap a slider next to an application you want to protect with App Locking

It’s good to go!

To disable this feature anytime, tap the slider to the reverse direction in the main App Locking screen. Hope the information was useful!

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