How do I continue with AVG free protection after the trial version expires?

In this virus-prone digital world, it has become necessary to protect your devices with a highly effective security software or antivirus. To meet the continuously increasing security needs, there are a number of antivirus brands and security software providers coming up with advanced security solutions. Among all others anti-viruses, AVG is the popular choice of the customers. Almost all the products of AVG available in two versions- Avg Free protection or Trial and Paid.


The trial version remains active for a period of 30 days and after that, you need to subscribe AVG paid subscription, depending on your particular security needs. But we have brought a trick with the help of which you can continue using AVG free trial version even after it expires. This means you can save all of your money without leaving your device at risk.

When your AVG trial version expires, you will see these messages:

  • “You Have Lost Your AVG Protection”
  • “Your AVG Protection Has Expired” or other similar messages

 Follow the below-given steps to remove trial-message and continue with the  AVG free protection:

Remove the trial version from the Control Panel of your device and then install the AVG Antivirus Free. To download, simply visit or, and follow the on-screen instructions after you find AVG antivirus Free.


Switch to AVG Antivirus Free by following the below instructions:

  1. Open Start Menu and search Control Panel
    1. Or, simply press Windows + R key together and then type Control Panel and hit Enter
  2. Under the Programs and Features section, find the installed AVG product
  3. Right-click on the AVG program and click Uninstall
  4. Choose the option Switch to AVG Antivirus free
    1. Please note, you don’t require an AVG retail registration for this
  5. This will begin installing an AVG installer
  6. Click Run and this will immediately downgrade your AVG antivirus to a free version
  7. Wait until the installation finishes
  8. Reboot or restart your device
  9. You can again use the AVG for free

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