How to boost up your Android phone performance with the AVG?

Are you in a turmoil situation whether to go for AVG or not for boost up your Android phone? Read this article to clear your doubt.

Note- You can purchase AVG retail via offline mode for your system, just like for downloading AVG for Android, you need to visit Google Play Store.


Here, are the tips that will help you to boost up your Android phone with AVG-

Close the unnecessary apps

You may like to download several apps on your Android phone just to show your storage space capacity but in actual you know yourself how you’re wasting your battery life and ruining your memory space.

Advanced security software like AVG knows how to take care of all this and thus close the unnecessary apps that are running in the background. To figure out which AVG solution suits your security needs contact AVG support team to get help.

Keep the Android phone up-to-date

It is always recommended to go for updating your Android phone along with the apps, to make the phone function smoothly. If you want to update the phone, visit the Google Play Store, select the ‘Menu’ button and click on the ‘My Apps’. If possible quit all the processes running in the background.

Note– You need to contact AVG Support team in case you’re unable to update your Android phone.

Shut down the Google Services

Android phones are more prone to access the Google Services automatically like Books, Contacts, Currents, and Gmail. If you don’t want any of them then you can manage them and turn them off.

Try using AVG Tune Up and Android Cleaner

AVG’s Android Cleaner helps you in getting rid of the unnecessary apps which you haven’t used for months or years.

AVG TuneUp will help you in ensuring that all the remaining tasks are closed before the test is done on the performance as well as for the battery life.  The Power Saver feature helps the phone to improve the battery life by turning off the auto-sync, auto-rotation, GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth.

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