Connect to a public WiFi fearlessly with AVG VPN!

Have you ever wondered that how many of the smartphone users think about their mobile security whenever they connect their phone to a public WiFi? According to a recent survey by a renowned internet security firm, it has been revealed, that 67% of the users access free WiFi at public places. Only half of them care for the reliability and credibility of the network. AVG VPN is a knight in shining armor for all such internet users. The feature comes up as a part of almost all AVG anti-viruses you download via


Before understanding its functioning, it is good to know what a VPN is. VPN or Virtual Private Network is a specialized feature of AVG that creates a private network where everything you do remains secure. This VPN zone is completely protected from the prying eyes of the cybercrooks. AVG VPN connects to the internet through secure VPN servers. Moreover, it uses an encrypted tunnel to secure your confidential information from eavesdroppers.

This dedicated security feature is accessible from all Android devices. All you need to do is avail a subscription for AVG Mobile Ultimate. Once subscribed, you can enjoy complete protection against the attackers who try to read out your private information when multiple users connect to a single internet network.

AVG Secure VPN (download available via also ensures that you don’t accidently land upon a website that is suspicious or virus-infected. It also enables unrestricted access to the internet network without asking the user or letting web browsers fetch the location. Below-given are some of the security risks you can face if you use a public wired or wireless network:

  1. A hacker can read your sensitive information you enter on the web during fund transfers, accessing your bank or email accounts, and more.
  2. You may be a victim of Ransomware
  3. If the network is corrupted, then it may also corrupt your system files and may even damage your data.

Don’t worry! AVG Secure VPN can protect you from all these risks. Get it right away!

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