How to Register the AVG Products Purchased through Retail Stores? – AVG Antivirus (AVG stands for Anti-Virus Guard) is one of the top antivirus programs developed by AVG Technologies for offering a protective guard to its users against the online threats. The online threats like viruses, spyware or other cyber attacks may cause harm the users’ device of different platforms (Android, Mac, or Windows) in several ways. Thus, to protect the device, the users need to download the AVG antivirus on it. All the AVG products could be downloaded either by using the online (i.e. over the internet connection) or the offline method (i.e. purchase it through Avg retail stores).

Regardless of the method utilized by the users for downloading the AVG products to the device, they need to register the AVG product using the unique code included inside the purchased online of offline pack. The registration process plays a significant role because the users are not able to download or activate the AVG services to their devices, until the purchased AVG product has been registered. Thus, in the below information, I am going to detail the steps or instructions for the AVG Retail registration i.e. the registration of the AVG products purchased through Avg retail stores.

Steps for registering the AVG products:

For AVG retail registration, the users require a unique code that comes inside the box of AVG offline pack. Thus, follow the stepwise procedure detailed below for AVG Retail Registration i.e. registering the AVG product purchased through Avg retail stores using the unique code, as per the offline AVG product being purchased by the users:

  1. AVG Internet Security – Unlimited and AVG TuneUp – Unlimited, or Ultimate:
    • For initializing the AVG retail registration process, launch the web browser on the device.
    • And then, access the official website of AVG.
    • Now, click the “Registration” option on the home page of the website.
    • The users will be directed to the registration page having the registration form that need to be filled all the required details.
    • On this page, enter the unique code included within the AVG offline pack.
    • Apart from this, the users will be asked to either sign in to the AVG My Account (if already had an account) or create a new one (if the account has not been created yet).
    • After entering all the required details, click the “Register and Activate” button.
    • Now, follow the on-screen instructions for downloading and activating the AVG product to the device.
  2. AVG Antivirus, AVG Internet Security, and AVG PC TuneUp:
    • First and foremost, open the web browser on the device for accessing the official website of AVG.
    • Now, go to the “Registration” page from the main page of the AVG website.
    • After this, the users will be directed to the registration page that consists of a form. Fill this form with all the required details.
      1. Firstly, enter the Sales Number of the user.
      2. And then, the users need to either sign in to the AVG My Account (if already exists) or create a new one (if not yet created).
    • After filling the details to the registration form, click the “Register” button.
    • Once the product has been registered successfully by the users, the license keycode will be generated for the purchased AVG product.
    • Now, the users could download and activate the AVG product to their device by following the instructions displayed on the screen

The users may contact the AVG Customer Support, if they face any difficulty while performing the aforementioned steps of AVG Retail Registration.

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