How AVG Photo cleaner for iPhone works?

AVG technology has become the largest domain in the digital world, leaving its competitors far behind. The company provides complete PC protection, payment protection, and family protection including the mobile security.

AVG Photo Cleaner is an app by AVG technology, that is outlined to help you in improving the performance of your system, provides storage space by removing the inessential media, files, apps, and app data. It stores all these in your cloud account, by removing it from your system.

You can always go for optimization in case of photos, for consuming less space of your iPhone’s memory. This app of is available in a free and premium version. One can simply get their hands on it by downloading and installing it from iPhone’s App Store.

AVG Photo Cleaner for iOS applies the advanced method to examine the quality of the photos by just going through with images that are dim a bit, blurry or poor in quality. This examination organizes the photos into bad or similar in type category by taking into the numerous factors. The scanning process is done over time so scanning varies from one to another.

Given below are the steps for download and install the AVG Photo Cleaner for iOS to follow them carefully-

  1. You need to check your iPhone whether it’s in the condition to perform the task.
  2. Search for App Store on your iPhone.
  3. Look for AVG Photo Cleaner app and click on the get to download it.
  4. Wait for AVG Photo Cleaner to finish the downloading process.
  5. After the downloading gets over, an app icon will be installed on your iPhone’s home screen.
  6. Open the app and click on the maintenance option.
  7. Click on the run option, if it is recommended. Else close the window and move to the main dashboard.
  8. Select all functions option, after you’re there.
  9. Perform the scanning function.
  10. AVG Photo Cleaner will show you how much free space is left on your iPhone system, while you go for cleaning up your iPhone device’s storage space.

If you have queries about auto-deletion of photos in AVG Photo Cleaner on your iPhone then here is the answer to them- these apps doesn’t delete any photos, it just examines your photos and gives a recommendation about the quality of your photos as bad, similar or you need to go through manual review.

For the poor quality of photos, you need to select those photos which are blurred or pointless to keep in your phone. For similar kind of photos, you can choose the option “ignore this group”, if you want to keep any of the pictures.

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