How to download, install, and activate AVG PC TuneUp – AVG PC TuneUp utility is designed to manage and maintain your computer system. While configuring your system’s data, the software cleans and organizes to execute better performance. AVG PC TuneUp renders benefits like easy to use interface, great range of powerful tools, program deactivator, and one-click maintenance. You can also access the utility on PC, Android, and Mac. Multiple services like automatic updating or notification of outdated software boost your computer or device’s performance, cleans programs that are not in use for better response, and improves potential life. Users can access many other features if they have Avg Registration.

Unlock all advanced features by purchasing AVG PC TuneUp utility and you can activate the software by using the shared key. Follow steps to download, install, and activate AVG PC TuneUp to improve your PC’s performance.

Steps to download and install AVG PC TuneUp:

  1. To download AVG TuneUp – Unlimited, visit the link and a file will be downloaded automatically
  2. Open the file location and double-click on the file. If you don’t find the file location, press CTRL+ J key altogether on the browser you used to download the file and you will see the list of downloads
  3. Run the file as administrator, if your system asks for authority/ asks for administrator password, enter the password to continue
  4. A dialogue of User Account Control will appear, click Yes to permit AVG to make required changes on your PC
  5. You will be directed to the next page, click on Install Now button and proceed
  6. AVG Login page will appear, click on Log in here and enter you details associated with AVG account
  • If you don’t have an account on AVG, click on create account and fill in required details and continue to follow on-screen instructions
  1. Now Log in to AVG MyAccount. Use the same email ID and password that you used while purchasing the antivirus product

Once the installation is done, you should now proceed to activate AVG TuneUp – Unlimited to get better protection.

Steps to activate AVG TuneUp – Unlimited:

  1. Double-click and launch the AVG icon on your system to open AVG Management console
  2. On the top-right corner of the AVG window, you will see Connect button. Click on the button to continue
  3. Now, login to your existing AVG MyAccount

Your AVG product is now activated, you can check for all the details related to your antivirus product in the AVG management console after visiting AVG MyAccount.  You can check for your Avg Registration. You can connect with AVG Customer Support in case you experience any error with your AVG product.

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