How to use AVG PC TuneUp while setting in Turbo Mode?

Turbo Mode provides performance boost up whenever it is needed. When putting the PC into Turbo Mode an observation is made to see which of the programs and functions are running in the backgrounds which aren’t necessary.

To set the Turbo Mode Settings in AVG PC TuneUp, follow the steps-

  • Start the wizard for configuring the AVG Turbo Mode by selecting on ‘Settings’ in the menu bar of the Dashboard > Select the option ‘Turbo Mode’ area > Click on the button ‘Open Configuration wizard’. or

Open ‘All functions screen’ from the dashboard > click the little gearwheel button which is next to the ‘Turn on’ Turbo Mode entry (under Computer)

Note– If the Turbo Mode is already switched on then no need of running the Wizard again. You can always alter Turbo Mode settings directly in central configuration dialog of your AVG (the Turbo Mode item). Check the appropriate boxes and click on the option ‘Apply’.

In the Turbo Mode Configuration Wizard, set up your Turbo Mode in easy six steps-

Note-Select the tasks, programs, and functions can be disabled temporarily to give performance boost while Turbo Mode is enabled.  The more you switch off the certain app the better the gain in performance will be.

Postpone automatic maintenance tasks until later

Sustaining the measures that start automatically in the background are important for the boost up your PC but they aren’t urgent.

  • Postpone scheduled defragmentation.
  • Postpone scheduled maintenance tasks.
  • Postpone automatic updates.

 Limit the connection with the external devices

avg pc tuneup while setting in turbo mode

Every PC has many services that run in the background that detects the connecting devices and provides you with all the necessary functions to use the devices.

  • Turn odd synchronization with the mobile devices– It will prevent the synchronization of addresses, emails, music files, etc with the cell phone or portable media player. And the related program wouldn’t start automatically when the device is connected while Turbo Mode is on.
  • Limit support for digital cameras and scanners- When Turbo Mode is on, you can’t import images from the digital camera or scan images.

Note-If you fetch any issues regarding performing the given task or you have any queries about AVG product then feel free to call AVG Support number to get technical support from the best experts.

 Reduce visual effects

The visual effects provide the graphics display of Windows which occupy a valuable space in the memory. Particularly, with the low-performance graphics card, one can increase the PC’s performance by turning off the visual effects.

  • Turn off the visual special effects.
  • Switch to classic window design.

Configure PC’s resources for optimum performance

PC’s resources are in demand and a clever way to share the solution for the resources will help to increase PC’s performance in huge amount.

Tip- Doing this step doesn’t limit any functions and the setting is also highly recommended for the long term.

You can set up your purchase AVG product by visiting link to redeem your AVG product key from the AVG retail card to proceed with the further steps.

Disable the background performance

The operating system performs huge tasks and many programs and services run permanently in the background. Although they are of no use and eats up the valuable resources. If you haven’ t performed these functions then you can disable all of them and permanently increase the PC’s performance.

  • Disabling the media library sharing in the local network.
  • Turn off the quick search by using the index creation.
  • Turn off error reporting.
  • Turn off support for virtual machines.

Additional Performance boost up

Each time Windows opens up, it starts up with all those services which are used rarely. These services can capture a huge amount of system’s resources and slow down the PC.  And  to prevent them from working without your consent then simply turn off them temporarily for an additional performance boost up

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