Why to choose AVG Internet Security Business Edition 2016?

AVG Internet Security Business Edition 2016 is an advanced antivirus product of AVG with easy to use designs. The product was designed keeping in mind the security services of the small businesses as well as the enterprises. It protects your system by providing the more advanced shield to fight with the viruses, malware, and other online threats. It immediately blocks the infected sites, checks or scans on the files before you click on the download option, and protects your confidential data.

AVG Internet Security

Other than the firewall and anti-malware tools, AVG provides the user with the varied range of tools for full scanning as well as folder specific scans. With the Data Safe tools, it helps to create an in numerical password protected encrypted files. The LinkScanner shield tools alert you beforehand loading them and for the email, it has provided you with the threat scanner and spam blocker.

But talking about the advantage of using it over other antivirus is its remote admin tools through which the admin can share all the user settings from the single server.  AVG has gone through lots of improvement mostly in its core engine, accuracy, and the cloud-based detection method.

Some of the salient features of AVG Internet Security Business edition 2016 ( can be downloaded from avg.com/retail )  are –

Protects your business from the online threats

AVG has been appreciated for its endpoint protection which helps you in protecting the businesses from the ransomware, viruses, and other new online threats.  Protects your system both wired as well as wireless network or Wi-Fi from the hackers by blocking them.

Helps the employees to stay safe online

AVG helps your employees to stay safe with the smart antivirus technology by checking on all the web pages opened by them. It also alerts you if it detects any threats and with the Wi-Fi Guard helps to protect your Wi-Fi access on your area.

Improves in email server protection

With the AVG you can now have clean and fast business communication by removing the malware or spam from your inbox. It also helps you in detecting an infected attachment on your email.

Free Customer Support

Feel free to contact AVG Customer Support team to get assistance on your queries or issues.

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