How AVG helps in queuing items for cloud transfer?

Most of the people now keep their personal data secured on cloud storage, which helps in quick recovery of filed in case the device is stolen or reboot. However, tracking phone has also become possible with AVG antivirus products. In this way, you cannot only recover your precious device but also data. Users with AVG on their phone and computer do not have to worry about the data being stolen or breached.

cloud transfer

With all the advanced security features, the antivirus program suspends all ill-activity taking place on digital devices. Although AVG protects data from maximum suspicious practices, it is recommended to transfer and store media and other files for a supplementary protection step. For this, you will need to allow the app to synchronize with your cloud space.

To transfer your data on cloud storage, make sure to sign in to your AVG account. Check if you are not already connected to a cloud account, tap Connect to cloud option to open AVG Cloud service settings.

After determining the criteria, you can move to execute the transfer item(s) to your cloud storage account by following these steps:

How do you add item(s) to a cloud transfer queue?

  1. Launch AVG app on the screen and login to your account if you are not directed to your profile
  1. Tap Options/Menu icon in the top-sleft corner of the app’s interface
  2. When the list appear, Tap and choose what files you want to transfer: Pictures, Apps, Audio, Video, or Files
  3. Select item(s) deepening on your choice and tap Menu (abbreviation) in the bottom-right corner
  4. Select Move to cloud and end the process

The process may take some time to complete uploading, make sure the internet strength does not go down or break meanwhile.

If you are unable to synchronize files on cloud storage, it is possible that the subscription has expired. To continue moving data on online storage purchase or renew subscription. If the problem persists, go to and enter issue in the support section.

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