How AVG ensures safe browsing –

AVG delivers the users hi-end protection to protect them from online threats, viruses, spyware, malware, Trojan horses, phishing scams, and above all, from the hackers. Tailored to cover up various areas such as network security, safe browsing, device protection, and more, you can choose from different AVG anti-viruses.

The prime and ultimate motive of every AVG product is to ensure the protection of the devices and privacy of the information. To let the users experience the power of AVG antivirus and online security, it offers the complete freedom to choose between free and paid versions.

ensure safe web browsing

Apart from offering full protection, it makes sure that you surf without the worries of being attacked by a virus or hacker. Moreover, it also takes care that the website you are visiting is not infected. To know more how the AVG Antivirus Free Edition (accessible via works to render web browsing protection, read the below-given points:

Link Scanner

Part of AVG Antivirus Free Edition, it scans every link open on the web page along with those you see via pop-ups or advertisements. It secretly analyzes the web pages for your web browsing protection

Online Shield

However, the online shield is not a part of AVG Antivirus Free Edition, but if you choose a paid version, you can get the most out of it. This particular feature analyzes and scans the content of the web pages you are viewing or visiting.

Digital Controls

This feature helps you control over various functions associated with your web protection. To do this, you can choose either enable or disable from the AVG antivirus settings.

For further queries, ask the experts from AVG support team. Please note that contacting the support team is toll-free. In other words, you can call them for free. Once you connect to an expert, he/she will ask about the problem and will provide you the best solution to fix that out.

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