Why Does AVG Antivirus for Mac Have an Upper Hand in the Cyber Security Market?

AVG has excelled over the years in providing impenetrable cybersecurity to its vast user base across the world. And now it has made another mark with its Mac version. Available at www.avg.com/retail, the avg antivirus is free to download and is compatible with the macOS 10.10 (Yosemite) and later versions.

AVG Antivirus

With a highly user-friendly interface, the AVG Antivirus for Mac is a powerful cyber protection tool that performs in real time. From detecting and removing Mac-specific viruses and spyware to mobile and PC threats, the antivirus makes Mac users rest assured that their expensive machine and valuable data is being safeguarded.

Commendable Protection: Read What’s Special

The AVG antivirus runs quietly in the background so that you experience fewer distractions while working. It blocks malicious websites, emails and downloads. Also, since your Mac remains unaffected by viruses, any offline or online data that you share with your friends is virus-free too, which means that your AVG antivirus is protecting even your PC and Android friends for Mac.

The AVG Antivirus for Mac features a Resident Shield that functions silently in the background. Every time you open, copy or save data, it is scanned at lightning speed – so quick and silent that you won’t even feel AVG’s watchful eye.

Automatic Updates: Sit Back, Relax, Feel Safe

The AVG antivirus for Mac installs essential updates on your Mac automatically. This means that the software wants you to do your thing while using the machine, i.e. work and leisure instead of spending time on PC management and maintenance.

You can get a free copy of the AVG antivirus for your Mac, at avg.com/retail. You can try out the trial version available in the free copy, and then you could get the premium one if it suits.

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