How AVG antivirus for Mac works?

Whether you are using a desktop, laptop or mobile phone you must have installed a suitable antivirus for the security of your device.  In case you don’t have any antivirus installed in it, you are leaving your system in a vulnerable situation which may further cause harm to your system. To meet this security requirement, AVG offers a number of anti-viruses according to the specific demands of the users.

AVG Antivirus

Those who want to install AVG antivirus for Mac they can download the same by going to this link And now I am going to explain how AVG antivirus for Mac works.

Real-time Protection

The antivirus starts protecting your device immediately after the installation. All the files available on your Mac are automatically synced and scan so that no malware or other threats can be injected.  In case any threat is found then it instantly blocks that file and asks whether you want to delete it or keep it. If you choose the second option then, that file will be stored in its original location but don’t worry all your document will be prevented from any damage.

File Scanner

It is a prominent feature of AVG antivirus for Mac that checks the files and ensures they are virus-free. You can simply perform the scanning by dragging and dropping files into the ‘Drop here’ or you can also click on Mac scan button to start the scanning process.


The antivirus allows you customize the preferences to let it perform according to your specific needs.

  1. You can enable and disable AVG antivirus icon by going to the taskbar
  2. You can also switch on and off scanning of files, folders, drives or shared folders
  3. Click AVG antivirus by going into the menu bar and selecting ‘Preferences’

For more information on how AVG antivirus works for Mac or how to download AVG antivirus using this link, call the customer care number and they will assist you in a best possible way.

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