How to allow gaming mode in AVG Antivirus?

AVG Antivirus is one of the established security software companies, acknowledged all over the globe for its implicit services and the unbeatable products. They provide a total shield of protection to all the systems from PC, Mac to Smartphones.

On the other hand keeps the data, files, and identity safe, smart scanner, powerful mobile security and anti-theft. It also provides protection to the gamers by keeping their devices safe from the malware, trojan, and from many more new viruses that coming up in each and every day.

 If you consider Facebook surfacing as one addiction then to your surprise gaming is also comes under addiction. PlayStation games like – Gran Turismo 4, Katamari Damac, Jak 3, and many more, are some of the addictions for the gamers of today. AVG antivirus is now available to rescue you from all the viruses, you can face while playing games. AVG antivirus is available for both paid as well as free versions.

AVG antivirus alerts you for every update, whenever they’re available or when they wanted to take action after they found an error on your system.  So these prompt messages may disturb you while you’re playing the games. You can turn on the gaming mode in AVG antivirus to pause scanning and update the notification from appearing, while you’re concentrating on your games.

The firewall is also included with the paid version of the program that includes gaming mode which actually disables the firewall notifications. Follow the steps for enabling the settings-

  1. To open the program’s main interface, double-click on the AVG icon in the taskbar’s notification area
  2. Select tools option followed by advanced settings to get access to the program’s settings.
  3. Click on the appearance option from the left pane.
  4. Near the bottom of the window, go for selecting the box next to enable gaming mode, when the full-screen application is executed.
  5. To enable the gaming mode, click on the save changes option and return to the main window.
  6. Double click on the firewall button from the list of the components on the main screen.
  7. Select the box beside enable gaming mode.
  8. Click save changes option to enable the gaming mode for the firewall.

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