How to activate & deactivate AVG email notification feature?

When you purchase AVG retail card to have subscribed services, you get an additional avg email notification feature as a default feature. This automatically synchronized notification service ease you to go to the app repeatedly by showing up the incoming emails. Since you have the option to see all the email from your notification bar, you can save time by pressing on the notification if you feel to read or replay certain emails.

In possible cases, you might not see incoming email pop-up even after having the feature activated. Opt to have AVG support to analyze if there is an issue with the security software and fix it. Primly, you may check if the product is valid or not, and re-activate it via if the subscription has expired.

The Email Button appears on the AVG Toolbar by default. To configure or to know the services, click on the button and the following menu will come out:

  • Open email account–This option opens your selected web email client in the browser
  • Check for new e-mails–This feature will instantly look out for new mail within your web mail client and shows up a notification if any new mail is detected
  • Configure email account– This opens a dialog box that allows you to setup your web email client so AVG toolbar can recognize it.

Steps to activate and deactivate AVG email notification:

  1. Click on AVG icon and launch the product
  2. Go to AVG security Toolbar options
  3. Under the General section, you have a list of Predefined buttons
  4. To activate email notification
  • Mark check on the check box
  1. To deactivate email notification
  • Unmark the check box

You have successfully executed the procedure. If you encounter any error during the process, you may set out for AVG support to resolve the problem associated with your AVG product.

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