How do you activate AVG secure VPN?

With all the smart security measures featured by AVG antivirus security,Avg Secure VPN is one of the tools that play a significant role to protect you against internet risks. At the fundamental level, VPNs guard your online privacy so you cannot become the end of cybercrime, get tracked, or victimized based on location.

Secure yourself whether you are online or offline by AVG secure VPN by activating the feature. For this, it is mandatory to subscribe to AVG antivirus. If you are among new users, you may visit for activation.


How does Avg VPN work?

A VPN (virtual private network) is a protected and encrypted connection between two networks or between two different users sharing the same network. VPN enables you to surf the web in privacy and security.

To activate this feature, make sure you have activated the software using AVG retail card. If you have recently purchased the AVG retail card, it is recommended to activate the antivirus to access advanced security features. Visit to check the details of the product. Reach out to AVG support if there occurs an error.

Once you activate the product and the software starts working without any error, you can carry out to activate AVG secure VPN process to protect your device from risks.

How do you activate AVG secure VPN?

  1. Click on the AVG Secure VPN icon to launch it on your desktop
  2. Click on the Log in option available at the top-right of the tab
  • Make sure you are connected with stable internet
  1. Log in with your AVG MyAccount to proceed
  • Type the email address you used during your purchase of AVG product
  • Enter the password associated with the account
  • If you Forgot the password or facing trouble while accessing your account, get AVG support to fix the problem
  1. After successful activation, you will see a message of ‘Your online privacy is not protected’ with a button
  2. Tap the button on ‘ON’ to turn on the AVG secure VPN

Ignore the last step if you have already activated the secure VPN. If you encounter any error, you get AVG support by professional for immediate help.

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