Next Level Internet: Qualcomm to Unleash 5G Wireless Technology

It’s time to witness the power of 5G – all thanks to Qualcomm. One of the largest chipmaking giants, Qualcomm will be organizing its annual Snapdragon Tech Summit in Maui on Tuesday, where the prime focus will be the 5G technology.

A glimpse of the 5G technology will be projected at a conference in Hawaii today. The conference will be a prelude to a planned launch of the first 5G networks in the US that would be held in the coming weeks.

The 5G technology is believed to be a catalyst for a revolutionary advancement in the technology and computing industry. However, the details and timeline of it have so far been unclear. This lack of clarity will be no longer be there as today, at the summit, there will be live 5G networks, a portable 5G mobile hotspot, and a couple 5G-enabled devices available for testing, according to a source. The live 5G networks will be deployed by AT&T and Verizon.

Based out of San Diego, Qualcomm has been an ace in the smartphone chipmaking sector. Today, it will probably unveil a new 5G-supported Snapdragon processor for 5G-enabled smartphones. The 5G technology will drastically reduce latency and will upgraded network speeds on smartphones by 10 or even 100 times.

“5G will supercharge development of technology. It will be faster than the speediest wired connections at present,” said a source.

When to expect 5G in the market

It’s a possibility that the 5G technology will be arriving in the market by the next year. AT&T has already planned this year to launch a 5G network across 12 markets. As for Verizon and other telecom companies, the launch dates have been saved for 2019.

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